What is mediation?

Intervention is a route for individuals who are having a dispute to discuss their issues and concerns and to settle on choices about the dispute with the assistance of someone else (a mediator). A mediator isn’t permitted to choose who is correct or wrong or to force you how to resolve your dispute. In mediation, you endeavor to discover arrangements that sound good to you and the other individual in the dispute to resolve some or all of your worries.

There may be feelings that behind the dispute which can make negotiating with the dispute difficult. A mediator can help you facilitate communication. The mediator is there as an impartial individual to enable you to concentrate on explaining your dispute; be that as it may, the mediator is not meant to provide therapy, counseling, or legal advice.

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What are the advantages of mediation?

Fair and Impartial: Mediation gives a chance to chat with somebody who is fair and impartial.

  • You Make the Decisions: The issues in your dispute are not chosen by another person; they’re decided by you. The mediator facilitates the discussion, but cannot make any decisions for you. If you go to court you gamble with the outcome of the judge or jury’s decisions.
  • Private: What you say in mediation is private. If you testify in open court the matters become public record.
  • Enforceable: Mediation agreements are enforceable. The agreement is signed by both parties and is enforceable by the courts.
  • Flexible:Mediation allows for flexible solutions. If you settle a dispute in court, the decision may be rigid and one-sided. Mediated decisions are usually more of a “win-win” for both parties.
  • Cheaper: Mediation can eliminate the need for a trial. If the mediation results in an amenable agreement between parties, there may be no need to go to court at all. This saves a lot of money as mediation is always cheaper than court-settled disputes.
  • Quicker: Mediation is quicker and less stressful than court. Often disputes can be settled in a single session.

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Attorney Nicole Benjamin

Attorney Benjamin’s experience in mediation helps make the experience easy. The firm has multiple conference rooms for mediation depending on the number of people involved. The office is equipped with teleconferencing video equipment when one party resides at a distance, so they can be present, seen, and participate in any mediation proceedings. Contact the Benjamin Law Firm to arrange mediation for your own family needs.